Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Schwoerer, K., Antony, M., & Willis, K. (2021). #PhDlife: The effect of stress and sources of support on perceptions of balance among public administration doctoral students. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 1-22.

Book Review

Antony, M. (2020). The divided states of America: Why federalism doesn’t work: by Donald F. Kettl, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2020, 248 pp., $27.95 (hardcover), ISBN: 978-0691182278 at Journal of Public Affairs Education.

Completed Manuscripts*

Antony, M. Co-production in Urban Education: Systematic Review of Literature [Dissertation Essay]

Antony, M. Assessing the Impact of Organizational Support on Work and Wellbeing of Teachers During the Covid-19 Pandemic [Dissertation Essay-Finalizing for Submission]

Mao, H., Antony, M., Jung, Y., & Wilson, M. A Computation Analysis of State Governor’s Crisis Communication on Twitter during COVID-19 [Revising for Submission]

Vishwanath, S. & Antony, M. Indian City Police Twitter Usage During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Analysis. [Revising for Submission]

Antony, M. Agent-Based and Organizational Barriers to Individual and Collective Co-production: Impact on Schooling [Dissertation Essay]

*Manuscript available per request

Work in Active Progress

Antony, M. & Damas, K. Managing for Equity: Are Public Schools Doing It Right? [Data analysis & writing

Antony, M. & Gaozhao, D. How do citizens attitudes play into Administrative Burden? Citizen perception of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program [Manuscript in Development]

Antony, M. The Relationship between Employee Demographics and Bureaucratic Discretion: The Importance of Active Representation Across the Board [Manuscript in Development]

Professional Reports

Antony, M. (2019) Displacement Risk Indicator Methodology (DRIM) Update, Rutgers Center on Law, Inequality and, Metropolitan Equity (CLiME).

Antony, M. (2019) Displacement Risk Indicator Methodology (DRIM) Analysis of Newark’s Central Ward, Rutgers Center on Law, Inequality and, Metropolitan Equity (CLiME). central- ward

Antony, M., Schwoerer, K., Sadovnik, A., Backstrand, J. (2018). “The Thriving Neighborhood Initiative (TNI) Project: Baseline Data Report” Funded by Victoria Foundation, in partnership with Greater Newark LISC.

Antony, M. (2016). “Civic Education: An International Analysis and Recommendations”, White paper written for Generation Citizen, NY & Education Pioneer Fellowship.

A copy of my most recent CV can also be found here.